Denver's Monthly Market Update

Dive deep into an analysis of Denver's Real Estate Market each month with the 'Denver's Monthly Market Update'. Each monthly report is based on the statistics provided by ReColorado, a multiple listing service in Denver. The analysis breaks down the numbers for a real estate novice to understand what the data shows.  There are three key takeaways: raw data, highlights of the data, and the opportunities and challenges the market currently has. The statistics highlight the number of homes closed, prices, new listings, days in MLS, and year-to-date highlights. Year-over-year, one-month change and year-to-date calculations are used. This naturally leads the conversation toward highlighting the most important and telling changes the market reported. The highlights section is where the data is broken down into analysis. Here the analysis is set against the contextual background such as COVID-19.  Ultimately, the context provides relevance and clarity as to why this information is important enough to highlight. Lastly and most importantly, the opportunities and challenges conclude the update. When circumstances change it causes people's reasoning and motivations to change. Because of this, the market is always in flux which means there will always be buyers and sellers. Needless to say, understanding these opportunities and challenges set one up for the most success. Like anything else, real estate is all about timing. It should be approached with logic and rationality, not impulsivity. The Denver's Monthly Market Update is meant to be a resource since it's my mission to be your real estate resource.   All In, for You!

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